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CNWL CaRE Project Published

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The CaRE Project is an NHS led creative and systemic team development intervention. The project provides co-designed arts-based workshops and awaydays inspiring new ways of working better together following recent challenges.

Dominik Havsteen-Franklin and Jenni de Knoop, who run the Project, have had a research paper published evaluating the efficacy and impact of the systemic arts-based team development intervention.

The paper comes after two years of work with teams based in CNWL and show that:

  • Arts Therapies may offer viable methods for team development in non-acute care contexts.
  • Post intervention survey responses indicate improvements to team bonding and safety.
  • Quantitative data also indicates improvements to team cohesion and effective communication.

Following its success, the CaRE Project has also received additional funding and now has the capacity to offer around 15 teams the opportunity to take part in a free CaRE Away Day. These will be offered on a first come: first served basis.

Read the published paper in Science Direct here

Read more information about the project here