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Costings & Contracts

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There is a wide range of organisations that fund health and social care research. This is an important source of funding for our researchers. A critical aspect that determines the success of any project is that it is costed accurately.

The costings and contracts team can advise and assist you with a timely and accurate costing of your study when completing your funding application.

You can request support from Noclor by completing the sponsorship request form.

There is a funding section on the form where you can specify the type of funding you are applying for and the grant application deadline. This will help the team plan how best to support you and in what time frame. The team ask that:

  • A full grant application is submitted to them a minimum of 6 weeks before the deadline

  • An outline proposal is submitted to them 4 weeks before the deadline

It is advised that you request Noclor support as early as possible when considering funding support to ensure the team can assist where possible. However, if you are unsure of the amount of time remaining or have started an application. You can always contact the costings team for assistance.

The lead applicant/Chief investigator is responsible for informing the costings and contracts team of the funding application outcome.

If the application has been successful the team will require a copy of the award letter and feedback. Please contact the costings and contracts team if an outline proposal has made it to the next round so we can support the full application.

Noclor can provide support with funding applications for projects where the Chief Investigator of the project has a contractual relationship with one of our partner organisations.

It is important to note that sponsorship will need to be considered when a Noclor partner is selected to administer funds. The costings and contracts team can also help support the administration of the grant.

If you have any queries please email

You can utilise the RDS London if you are planning to apply for NIHR grants, or other national, peer-reviewed funding competitions. They can provide initial support and advice on funding bodies and provide advice if this your first time writing an application.

Please also see our useful links section for information on other funding bodies.