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Collaborators & Third Parties

The Chief Investigator (or lead applicant on a funding application if not one and the same person) is responsible for sourcing potential collaborators and third parties that will be involved in the study. These third parties may include investigators/recruitment sites (NHS and non-NHS as appropriate), IMP manufacturers/suppliers (CTIMPs), external laboratories (for sample analysis) and independent contractors for statistical input (for data management/statistical analysis). In most cases the sourcing of external collaborators and third parties will be conducted during the initial work up of a funding application/sponsorship request.

Each Trust should have their own procurement policies and procedures in place that comply with European Public Procurement Directives with standard terms and conditions for provision of goods and services, which the Chief Investigator should refer to. If you require any advice on procurement for your proposed research (that is to be sponsored by a Noclor partner), then please contact Head of R&D, Noclor.

All third parties must be assessed for suitability prior to the signing of contracts. The process for assessing the suitability of a third party will vary depending on the risks associated with the responsibilities being delegated and what is previously known about the third party. The Chief Investigator is responsible for assessing and evidencing (documenting in the Study/Trial Master File (S/TMF)) the suitability of the preferred third party (refer to viability assessment of sites) prior to the decisive contractor suitability being determined by Noclor during the contracting stage.

For research sponsored by a Noclor partner, Noclor will propose, initiate (negotiate any changes as required) and execute the appropriate contracts/agreements with third parties as required for a study prior to any commencement of work.