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There are a wide range of organisations that fund health research. To ensure you stand a good chance of securing funding try to apply to a funder with a particular interest in the area of your proposed research (and where you are eligible to apply).  Once you have identified the funder read the submission guidelines, check when the submission deadline and request support from Noclor with your application.

Don’t forget that you can access support with your funding application from RDS London (NIHR's Research Design Service London) if you are planning to apply for NIHR or other national, peer-reviewed funding competitions.

Although a sponsor does not necessarily have to be identified at the funding application stage, where a Noclor partner is being approached to administer the funds discussions regarding sponsorship (i.e which organisation should sponsor) will also need to be considered at this stage.

Funding applications must be signed off by authorised signatories prior to submission.  The authorised signatories are the Noclor Service Director and the Finance Director for the administering Trust.

Preparing a funding application

All funding applications (where a Noclor partner is intended to administer the funds) must be made through Noclor office to ensure that:

  • Noclor can provide the best service possible to researchers in working up a high quality funding application
  • the appropriate personnel have been involved in the work up of the grant application (Noclor can signpost researchers to other support that may be available depending on the research proposal and potential funder)
  • the research is accurately costed
  • sponsorship is discussed early on


The initial request for Noclor support with a funding application should be made using the online request form. The form requests some basic information about the research proposal and by providing this information Noclor will be able to assess what support is required and in what timeframe (i.e Noclor can prioritise /schedule in the work-up of funding application with you).  

The Lead Applicant/Chief Investigator will need to register with Noclor to set-up an account first. Once a user account has been set-up the Lead Applicant/Chief Investigator will be able to login, create new requests, review and edit pending requests and submit completed requests.

Request Noclor support with a funding application

Outline funding applications must go through the Noclor office in the same way as for full applications. 

Please don’t leave funding applications to the last minute, Noclor require a minimum lead time of 4 weeks before the submission deadline.

Costing a research project

It is important that researchers understand the difference between research costs, support costs and treatment costs and how each of these are provided.  The various types of costs of research must be attributed to the correct cost category to ensure that the appropriate funding arrangements are put in place. 

Costing research under what it truly costs to attract funding ends up being counterproductive – underfunded research potentially increases the risks of non-compliance (the resources are not available to conduct or monitor the study to ensure compliance); tends to pull on the already strained resources from elsewhere within the NHS and can lead to studies failing which had they been costed and resourced properly would have succeeded (which has ethical implications).

Noclor will support the Chief Investigator (Lead Applicant) in costing the project using standard costing templates.   

Outcome of funding application

The Lead Applicant/Chief Investigator is responsible for informing Noclor of the outcome of a funding application (whatever the outcome is); Noclor can then advise on the appropriate next steps. The possible outcomes are as follows:

  • Confirmation of award (well done) - please provide Noclor with a copy of the award letter and peer review correspondence (where appropriate)
  • Outline proposal has made it the next round - full application now needs to be worked up with Noclor
  • Unsuccessful – reflect on any feedback or peer review comments provided


All information regarding funding applications, study work up and correspondence should be retained by the Chief Investigator for the Study/Trial Master file