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Future-proofing UK Health Research: a people-centred, coordinated approach

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In 2021/22, the Academy of Medical Sciences convened a Working Group of experts from academia, industry, charities and the NHS to explore the actions needed to future-proof health research in the UK. 

The final report, published in May 2023, has been produced by 30 experts from across the UK, including established and emerging research leaders, patients, carers and representatives from the public, private and charitable sectors. It details key threats to UK health research and the steps needed to protect it.

Read the full article and download the report from The Academy of Medical Sciences 

For decades, the United Kingdom has been widely recognised as one of the best places for health research bringing improved health, social and economic benefits for the people of the UK and the wider world.

Research during the COVID-19 pandemic produced revolutionary new vaccines and treatments against the disease. In recent years, discoveries have made possible new therapies for cancer and autoimmmune diseases amongst others, while public health research led to the life-saving smoking ban.

But this progress cannot be taken for granted, the Working Group has found, and urgent action is needed to stop the UK from losing exceptional strengths. 

The report, ‘Future-proofing UK Health Research: a people-centred, coordinated approach’ is a timely and evidence-based review of the long-term sustainability of the UK health research system. It was informed by leaders and organisations across all parts of the research system including patients and carers.

The project, chaired by Professor Dame Julia Goodfellow FMedSci and Professor Sir Peter Mathieson FRSE FMedSci, analysed the strengths in the health research system and identified factors which threaten the UK’s ability to deliver health and economic benefits in the long term.