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Noclor are helping recruit people with asthma to take part in research on the impact of brake and tire dust

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Noclor is working with QMUL to recruit participants with asthma to the IONA Study looking at the impact of non-exhaust emissions (dust from car tires/brakes) on their condition

Due to the increased weight of electric and hybrid vehicles, they produce more non-exhaust  pollution from brake, tyre, and road wear. To date, no research has explored the health impacts of non-exhaust air pollution on human health in real world settings.

IONA is a research study that looks at how different air pollution environments impact the health of people living with asthma.

You can participate if you are an adult who was diagnosed with asthma on or before the age of 16, have a prescription for regular inhaled corticosteroid medication, and are able to use a static exercise bicycle.

You cannot participate if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, smoke tobacco or live with someone who smokes, have a BMI over 30, have been hospitalised for asthma within the last 12 months, have had chest surgery within the last 6 months, or have any other major lung disease. People who work as taxi drivers, couriers, waste removal drivers, or utility service drivers are also not able to participate in this study.

For more information and to take part, please refer to the QMUL IONA Study Page