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Obtaining Confirmation of Capacity and Capability

Obtaining Confirmation of Capacity and Capability 

[ Formerly known as NHS Permissions/Research & Development ( R&D ) Approvals ]

Researchers wishing to conduct research at Noclor partner Trusts will need Health Research Authority (HRA) Approval. HRA Approval is the new process for the NHS in England that comprises a review by a NHS Research Ethics Committee (REC) (where required) as well as an assessment of regulatory compliance and related matters undertaken by HRA staff.

You can find contact details for R&D staff and your relevant Clinical Research Network (CRN) by visiting the NHS R&D forum website.

This process, allows NHS Trusts to focus on study set up and assess, arrange and confirm their capacity and capability to deliver the study.

Organisational Information Document

The Organisational Information Document should be used to provide information on participating NHS/HSC organisations in the UK:

Schedule of Events / Schedule of Events Cost Attribution Tool (SoECAT)

A Schedule of Events or a SoECAT is required for all non-commercial studies. This will help to ensure that the appropriate resources are identified to support study delivery and there is clarity for participating NHS/HSC organisations about how the costs associated with participating in a study are attributed:  Download the Schedule of Events Cost Attribution Tool (SoECAT)

Before applying for HRA approval, a Sponsor, Chief Investigator or Researcher is expected to have identified potential participating Sites listed in the Integrated Research Application System  application ‘Part C’ and discussed the study with the Local Researchers, Services/Support Departments and the Noclor Research management Staff supporting them.

If you need further assistance as to what permissions you need please contact Noclor

The HRA website provides details on the current processes