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Noclor has been providing excellent research support for over twenty-five years. We are nationally recognised for providing research management and support in mental health, primary care, and settings outside of the NHS.

We provide advice and support to help you with your research project. Please take a look at what our teams can offer in more detail below or contact us if you have any general queries.

Our services

The Delivery team provide support on all aspects related to a project’s recruitment. We work alongside clinical teams and introduce research to patients. Noclor has a delivery team embedded in each of its partner organisations.
All research seeking sponsorship by one of our Noclor Partner organisations must be reviewed and authorised by our team before Sponsorship is declared and the study can be submitted to the regulatory authorities.
The Study Management and Support Team undertake all capacity and capability checks to ensure your study can deliver its objectives. Please involve us early in your conversations with the study sponsors so we can provide you with the support you need.
Costing and Contracts offer financial advice to accurately cost a research project. The team can support you with funding applications and provide advice on a range of financial management and reporting responsibilities.
Our team coordinate the local set-up and delivery of research taking place in primary care organisations and settings outside the NHS; for eg care homes, hospices, schools and prisons.
We offer training for those within our partner organisations and primary care network. Our training aims to equip researchers with the skills to conduct research.