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Our Services

Welcome to Noclor’s highly experienced teams of experts, we have been providing excellent research support for over 15 years.

We have gained an outstanding, nationally recognised reputation for providing a supportive and helpful model of good practice for research management facilitation and governance in mental health, primary care and community health. We offer expert and professional advice across a range of areas for example, high-level strategic advice to R&D committees, national networking opportunities and expert knowledge sharing.

Please take a look at what our teams can offer in more detail in the links below or contact us directly.

Supporting Our Researchers

Noclor can guide researchers through the entire life cycle of a research study

Funding Applications

Noclor can advise researchers on funding opportunities & grant applications


Noclor provides sponsorship support services to all its partners

Peer Review

Noclor can arrange for independent peer review of a research protocol

NHS Permissions

Noclor can guide you through the process of obtaining host site approval for your research study

Statistical Support

Noclor may be able to offer statistical advice.

Managing NHS Support Costs

Noclor manage the Service Support funding for the CRN: North Thames

Training & Resources

Noclor provide in-house training, links to external events and publicise various resources material.