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sponsor declaration

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Sponsor Declaration

The decision on whether a Noclor partner is willing to sponsor a research study will be made on a case-by case basis following receipt and review of a valid online sponsorship request.

Where a Noclor partner agrees to act as sponsor, Noclor will send the Chief Investigator an email / letter on behalf of the sponsor organisation declaring sponsorship and detailing any conditions that must be met.  For clinical trials, the sponsor will formally delegate responsibilities to the Chief Investigator through a Delegation of Responsibilities Agreement; this agreement must be signed to acknowledge that s/he understands the responsibilities delegated prior to the study being activated.

Only when an organisation has formally declared sponsorship in writing may they be named as the sponsor on initial applications to the Research Ethics Committee, NHS R&D and Regulatory Authorities as relevant.

The Sponsor retains the right to withdraw or suspend sponsorship at any time if deemed necessary.