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28th February 2024

Study conducted as part of PANORAMIC platform trial testing the viral loads of participants taking antiviral treatment finds that the current recommended five-day course may not be the adequate length to fully treat their COVID-19 infections

26th February 2024

The innovative Cytosponge tool previously trialled in GP Practices is now reducing the long NHS waiting times experienced for endoscopies to diagnose precursor to cancer

19th February 2024

When people experience long-term mental distress and difficulties coping with relationships it can reduce their quality of life and lead to social exclusion. 

9th February 2024

The new findings from the UCL led study found that the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease was 18% less in men prescribed drugs commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction

7th February 2024

Led collaboratively between CNWL and University College London, the new purpose-built research facility will aim to understand the diseases of ageing, and develop therapies against them

6th February 2024

Findings from the study examining the first-ever post-diagnostic dementia support programme are a ‘rare positive result’ and a ‘lifeline to thousands of carers across the UK’

2nd February 2024

The Behavioural Activation in Social Isolation trial ran during the COVID pandemic and found that the mental health and quality of life improved for older people who received the structured telephone-based psychological care

31st January 2024

The new funding scheme will be targeted to Researchers of Black, Bangladeshi and Pakistani heritage in the UK to stay in research and advance their careers

23rd January 2024

Published in the journal BMC Psychiatry, a new study explores the impact of psychological treatments on reducing Covid anxiety among adults in the UK.