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17th October 2023

The results of a large observational study that was supported by Noclor and our GPs indicates that the time of day a patient takes medication for their high blood pressure makes no difference to how well the medication works

12th October 2023

A study led by UCL and published Plus One found that conditions such as diabetes and obesity increase the risk of south Asian and black people developing dementia

5th October 2023

The National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) has launched its new Research Support Service (RSS) replacing the NIHR  Research Design Service (RDS) and support funding for Clinical Trials Units (CTU)

29th September 2023

Guidance on issuing the Universal Letter of Assurance (ULOA) is now available following its development after a pilot phase and analysis.

28th September 2023

Keen to explore opportunities in mental health research? Recipients of Mental Health Research for All (MH-ALL) funding, including staff in our partner trusts have co-created a free, one-day training to develop your path in mental health research

22nd August 2023

The Reimagine study found that MRI screening for prostate cancer is significantly more accurate than current tests, which are linked to overdiagnosis and overtreatment.

10th August 2023

Noclor is working with QMUL to recruit participants with asthma to the IONA Study looking at the impact of non-exhaust emissions (dust from car tires/brakes) on their condition

7th July 2023

The 'Vacc on Track' study which was supported by Noclor and our GP Practices has preprinted findings from their pilot study that highlighted the need for catching up adolescent and adult migrants with key routine vaccines

15th June 2023

Across Europe, depression and anxiety disorders became more common following the onset of the pandemic, reports a major review of evidence led by UCL researchers.